I'm an abstract artist, fascinated with capturing the inner colourscapes of emotion and experience.

To do this I find unlikely objects...often things that people have discarded (too old, too ugly, unwanted, unloved) and transform them.


All the effects you see are created in-camera - not in photoshop.

Things I don’t have

  • A studio - I work among the clutter and real life of my flat, and occasionally outside.

  • Any formal education in art - I am not the product of an art school or degree in photography.

  • Much time - I dream of having more than a few hours to create my abstracts.

  • Much equipment - I have a 7D, two lenses, a remote shutter release, a tripod and a light tent (which was a christmas gift).

The limitations imposed by all this are also a force that shapes my work...a force that I treasure and resent.


Things I do have

  • A compulsion to create - I have been creating art for years. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.

  • An obsession with expressing things you can’t see - emotional reactions, physical sensations, the identity we hold in our minds.

  • An urge to show you the worlds you cannot see in everyday objects.

  • A wish that you take for yourself the feelings my artworks give you. I can tell you my inspiration, but what matters more is what the picture means to you.