Notes for Collectors





The linear progression of time...the fight against it...the victories and defeats. The things we throw away - chances, objects, moments, relationships... Private inner worlds - things that define us, often invisible and unshareable. Moments where you feel fully alive...vividly remembered forever.

ME AND MY 7D - how we ‘paint’ together.


My mind’s eye. My Canon camera. The two defining aspects of every single image I create. I have a sixth sense about the objects that will transform in front of my lens. All the effects you see in my artworks are done in-camera. (Not with software.)



As in life and emotion, there are moments of sharp focus in my abstracts, contrasting against the myriad thoughts and feelings thrust momentarily into the background. Controlled blur and movement create soft, textured areas and layers - hinting at what’s just beyond the immediate. Other images are pinpoint sharp - a precise f stop, a moment remembered with total clarity. A shock. A cruel word. A slammed door. In some images, every pixel shows. Imperfections are preserved...because they are unique...part of the narrative...revealing of what’s gone before. At times, I push past pixelation to create fluid, voluptuous swathes of colour and form. You’ll also find areas of burnout in my works...blinding white areas where I’ve seared away the detail… Or areas of oversaturated colour...where definition is lost.


For me these speak of moments of ‘too much’...too much noise...too much stimulation...too much joy...too much to lose. You’ll also find darkness in my images...sometimes to express an intense focus on the subject. Sometimes to describe darker feelings...or sensations experienced in darkness. Often I shoot in near blackout conditions to achieve this.